learn how to escape the
9-5 & earn a passive income through property development

Having undertaken many of my own projects I know exactly what it is like to be in the client’s shoes.

Sat in the place of confusion, not understanding;

• Which property development strategy is right for you?
• Should you rent out properties?
• Is it better to flip (buy, renovate and sell) them?
• Are short term rentals the answer?
• Are any of the people online actually genuine?

With the knowledge, gained from five full renovations since 2012 (that have cleared 7 figures in net profit). I tailor my approach to make things as stress free and easy as possible for you. 

I remember what it was like facing the prospect of developing a property, without much money or knowledge and how insurmountable some of the issues seemed at the time, like not being able to instal a new sewage system because it was on the neighbours land (I could not complete the sale without the system installed). Or being refused mortgages from every high street lender, even refused borrowing from bridging loan companies. Yet going on to raise £200,000 and get a holiday let completed to an award winning standard and open for letting before the deadline. 

I can’t promise that I can take away all the peaks and troughs, but forewarned is forearmed and all that, and what I have learnt along the way will certainly help smooth out the path and save you from some of the pocket hits that were my learnings along the way! 

When I started out, I researched course after course on property renovation and property development to help me get up and running a bit more quickly and whilst a lot of them seemed promising, none of them seemed to offer insights from someone who was in the same position as I found myself in – lots of energy and ambition, keen to learn but low on budget and actual building knowledge. 

So, now I’ve got five of my own property developments behind me, with two of them generating me around £165,000 a year in relatively passive income, that I spend approximately five hours a week managing myself. I feel like I might have some insights to share with others that could have helped keen bean, startout boy George on his way a bit quicker. 

Spoiler alert: if you’re looking for the version where this was all easy and happened overnight, you’re probably looking at the wrong course.  I can share what I wish I had known before I started and I know it will add value and take some pain out of the process, but before you start visualising the £ signs, property development isn’t for the faint hearted, it will be stressful, you will in all likelihood find problems you weren’t expecting to find and you’ll probably cry into your duvet sometimes along the way… 

Are you still with me and interested to hear more?  Great, then you’ve probably got what it takes to do a successful property development. So, here’s what’s on offer in each course. 

  • There is a dedicated website, you will have a unique login in so you can access anytime you need to. You can go back over any sections as many times as you need to – working at a speed that suits for you. Each unit has an overview explanation.
  • There is then a video explaining the concepts of the unit with real life examples.
  • The most important bit is the PDF workbook, it’s at the bottom of each page. This can be downloaded and printed off to create a physical workbook that can be referenced going forward. Practically going through the work is what helps to cement the learning.

Below is the link to take the next step on your journey. Or if you are a bit unsure then check out the:

Course options

The quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way for me to provide some assistance is through my online courses. Think of them as providing a foundation to your building project and a preview of what a holiday let business can return. I have 3 levels of course available:

option 1

First timers essential guide to property renovation & development

Option 2

First timers essential guide to creating a holiday let for couples (sleeps 2)

option 3

First timers essential guide to creating a holiday let sleeping 12+ people

This is the exact course I needed when I first wanted to get into property development back in 2010. I could not find anything like it so I created it to help you build the confidence to buy your first property, schedule workflows, manage tradespeople and sell for a profit to start replacing your wage All the knowledge gained from this has been neatly packaged up in this easy to follow step by step guide for you.


If interested please send a message saying what you are looking to achieve, I can advise you where to get started now.

In this course I utilise the knowledge I have gained from working in the couples holiday let sector since 2011. I was one of the founding partners at Blackdown Shepherd Huts. I then went on to open The Old Chicken House in 2019. TOCH now generates around £40,000 a year relatively passively. Our guests love it, see what they say here (link to reviews) All the knowledge gained from this has been neatly packaged up in this easy to follow step by step guide for you.


If interested please send a message saying what you are looking to achieve, I can advise you where to get started now.

Doing a bigger holiday let is sadly not just a case of having a bigger property. It’s a very different dynamic, it requires a different marketing and management approach. By understanding all these principles BEFORE you start allows you to make design decisions that will save you huge amounts of time, money and effort down the line – when you can potentially be looking at 6 figures of profit that can easily amount to tens of thousands of pounds per year in added value.

I have been running a high performing large group holiday let since 2020, a lot of my lessons have been learnt the hard way. I put this course together, so you don’t have to do the same.

All the knowledge gained from this has been neatly packaged up in this easy to follow step by step guide for you.

To build something solid (be it your new career or lifestyle) the first and most important step is that you start with a solid foundation. Much like a house, a business or venture needs to sustainable, it needs to be recession proof, it needs to capable of going through lean times (think holiday lets in lockdown). Most importantly there should always be a plan B in case the worst does happen. Making sure you are safe in the bad times is just as important as being profitable in the good times.

“The First timers essential guide” courses are perfect for this, they take you through the whole journey from initially sourcing to managing the whole process and coming out the other side with a profitable sustainable, relatively passive business.

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Disclaimer: I can share tips and advice but I can’t guarantee that your project will work or be profitable, that’s really down to you and what you do as you go along, but researching and preparing yourself for what’s ahead is a good start on the path to avoiding property development potholes, so well done you!

My first renovation for holiday let started out as a renovation for a house to sell, it then changed lanes to a holiday let halfway through and in my first year of trading as Otterhead House we had a six-figure turnover with 40% net profit.

I learnt a lot on that project, and I’ve parcelled it all up, so you don’t have to repeat the mistakes I made along the way, because some of them were costly and there’s no need for anyone else to repeat them – I certainly won’t.

It was naivety on my part that caused the issues and although there’s no better way to learn, my fruitless efforts to find the answers along the way absolutely gave rise to me wanting to commit all this knowledge to paper – some of the answers were so obvious . . . . after the event!

I used to read the books where some bloke was writing it from his laptop on the beach and I would think it was all a load of bullsh*t – but that’s where I am right now, I could never go back to my old way of life, so it’s time to share the learning.

Here’s me, being that bloke!

However, if you prefer a one-to-one consultation, I can come along and spend some time look at your project with you – sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is all it takes to give you a path that is a lot easier from the outset.