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The first timers essential guide to property renovation & development

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Learn how to escape the 9-5 and earn a passive income doing what you love

Having undertaken many of my own projects I know exactly what it is like to be in the client’s shoes. With this knowledge I tailor my approach to make things as stress free and easy as possible for you.

I remember what it was like facing the prospect of developing a property, without much money or knowledge and how insurmountable some of the issues seemed at the time.  I can’t promise that I can take away all the peaks and troughs, but forewarned is forearmed and all that, and what I have learnt along the way will certainly help smooth out the path and save you from some of the pocket hits that were my learnings along the way!

When I started out, I researched course after course to help me get up and running a bit more quickly and whilst a lot of them seemed promising, none of them seemed to offer insights from someone who was in the same position as I found myself in – lots of energy and ambition, keen to learn but low on budget and actual building knowledge.

So, now I’ve got 5 of my own property developments behind me, with two of them generating me a six figure income that I spend approximately 5 hours a week managing myself, I feel like I might have some insights to share with others that could have helped keen bean, startout boy George on his way a bit quicker.

Spoiler alert : if you’re looking for the version where this was all easy and happened overnight, you’re probably looking at the wrong course.  I can share what I wish I had known before I started and I know it will add value and take some pain out of the process, but before you start visualising the £ signs, property development isn’t for the faint hearted, it will be stressful, you will in all likelihood find problems you weren’t expecting to find and you’ll probably cry into your duvet sometimes along the way…

Are you still with me and interested to hear more?  Great, then you’ve probably got what it takes to do a successful property development.. so here’s what’s on offer.

Online Courses

The quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way for me to provide some assistance is through my online courses. Think of them as providing a foundation to your building project and a preview of what a holiday let business can return.

I have 3 levels of course available:

  1. First timers essential guide to property renovation & development (LINK HERE!)
  2. First timers essential guide to renovating for a holiday let (COMING SOON)
  3. First timers essential guide to creating a new build holiday let (COMING SOON)

To build something solid (be it your new career or lifestyle) the first and most important step is that you start with a solid foundation. The First timers essential guide to property renovation & development course is perfect for this, it takes you through the whole process from initially looking at property, the process of buying and selling, planning everything, how to schedule work, the best way to manage tradespeople and everything in between.

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Our promise to you:

We won’t be spamming you with lots of emails as:

That’s not our style and…

We know that this course is a must-do course for the right people, if it takes us umpteen emails to persuade you then we’re probably not the right people to help you.

Disclaimer : I can share tips and advice but I can’t guarantee that your project will work or be profitable, that’s really down to you and what you do as you go along, but researching and preparing yourself for what’s ahead is a good start on the path to avoiding property development potholes, so well done you!


I do work occasionally on a consultancy basis for one-to-one clients, which can be face to face or on a video call.  For a free 15 minute chat about your project and its suitability for this service, please contact me here for more information.  If during our call, I don’t feel I can add value, I will be honest and say so, as I don’t like to waste anyone’s time or money.

I like to be open and upfront about the charges for this exclusive service, I charge £150 per hour (+VAT) and often find that just one or two hours can add a lot of value to your project, as in this time I can point out a lot of pitfalls and shortcuts that will help and reduce your costs.


As an experienced public speaker I can cover a variety of topics including;

  • Holiday lets
  • Construction
  • Working with period property
  • Scaling businesses
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Confidence

Please contact me for more information or visit my youtube channel to see my videos!

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BlackOak | High end holiday lets from period renovations to contemporary creations - Somerset - Devon - Dorset - UK


We were delighted to have won the UK Homebuilding & Renovating Awards 2020 for Best Renovation hosted by the Homebuilding & Renovating Show and The Daily Telepgraph.

Proud to be a Somerset Business Awards Finalist 2022

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BlackOak | High end holiday lets from period renovations to contemporary creations - Somerset - Devon - Dorset - UK

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Winner of UK Homebuilding & Renovating Awards 2020 hosted by the Homebuilding & Renovating Show and The Daily Telepgraph
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