In December 2022 I was in the finishing phase of completing an 18month long project

I had created an online course that teaches people a very simple step by step practical guide of how to become a property developer

I took the time and effort to break down everything I had done over the past 11 years, highlighting all the mistakes I had made so others didn’t need to repeat them

The reason I decided to go down the path of online courses was it allows me to work remotely, I can be anywhere in the world. My previous business was creating high end property transformations. I loved this work, but it tied me to a single physical location

By January 2023 I had finished, it had been an extremely challenging process, learning and adapting to various previously unknown systems and procedures. The content was neatly sat on a user-friendly platform, the marketing funnel was set up, the carefully curated email sequence was running, the Facebook ads were live and filling up the mailing list . . . 

After 3 weeks I pulled the plug . . . 

To most this would seem like total insanity . . . 

The thing is, this is not my first rodeo . . . 

I have launched various businesses over the years, some have done exceptionally well, some have done reasonably well – all have taken a huge amount of effort, fuelled by passion

It took the journey of me going through the process to realise that I was not doing this from a place of passion. I had missed my target audience, I had done what is logical and that which on paper looks to be correct. It was however not coming from a place of true purpose

My number one rule for business is that you need to be passionate and love what you do. If at base level you do not love it, you will find it extremely challenging to get through the tough times (trust me, there will ALWAYS be tough times)

My main passion is helping people who are hiding from a dream and avoiding their ideal lives

Over the years I have been through this journey multiple times and know how challenging it can be. From down and out heroin and crack addict in the prison system to creating 7 figure businesses. Transforming from the negative to the positive is something I have become an expert in

I want to help people face their dreams and build the confidence to go after them. Getting back to living the life they truely desire

Often people are hiding behind a job, addiction, family life – they will sit in a place of comfort and familiarity, even though it does not bring joy or happiness

This is exactly what I was doing hiding behind property – it was my comfort zone, not my purpose

The thing is, when stepping into something new, those old feelings of imposter syndrome, lack of ability, lack of self-belief raise their ugly head. As soon as these came up, I realised what was going on, it was a sure sign that I was headed in the right direction

“If your dreams are not scaring you then they are not big and bold enough”

What this means is over the coming weeks the content I post will be taking a very different direction. I expect to lose a lot of followers on various platforms and that’s fine. I don’t ever aim at the masses. My interest is in the small percentage of people who are willing to put the work in and take action to go from where they are now to where they really want to be

An often unknown reality is, the people who look extremely successful and confident on the outside, can have underlying issues with lack of confidence, imposter syndrome and lack of self-belief. The thing is the more external success someone has, the more they feel the need to cover these feelings and hide from them

If you are struggling with any of the topics mentioned in this blog, please feel free to get in touch?

Thank you for reading

George B


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