public speaking, TV & Other Media

I have created more than 200 marketing videos for a variety of different industries…

My main focus and expertise is around construction and holiday lets. I have trained in acting for screen and have completed a couple of short films – real life is where my passion lies though.  As an experienced public speaker, I can cover a variety of topics including; 

  • Holiday lets 
  • Construction 
  • Working with period property 
  • Scaling businesses 
  • Overcoming adversity 
  • Confidence

Please contact me for more information or visit my youtube channel  to see my videos! 

“Before I purchased my first house (a two bed attached in Stoke Sub Hamdon, Somerset), I had a bit of a rocky start into my current career. I came out of a rehabilitation centre in November 2010, after many years battling with alcohol and drug addiction. I had nothing to my name, yet I considered myself well off as I had a room in a rented flat and a job to go to on Monday morning.  

I knew that I could not continue living in this way, that the only person who could take control of the situation was ME!  

I worked extremely hard, invested everything I could in my personal development. I saved up enough for my first house and have been working my arse off since. My property portfolio at the time of writing this consists of The Old Chicken House & Otterhead house”.  These now generate me a relatively passive income that allows me to travel to places like Indonesia through the winters. I don’t say this to be a smug show off . . . . I do so, in the hope that others can see that with some self believe, a bit of guidance and a whole heap of hard work and tenacity, that anything is possible.” 

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